Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid was born in Egypt and raised in England, he then gained an education in Canada and also worked in Italy, before opening his own studio in 1993 in New York.  

Rashid is a renowned designer with over 3000 of his designs in production, he has also been recognised for his work being awarded for numerous designs worldwide. He combines organic and geometric elements to his design, using technology and different materials to create bespoke forms. His strong visual ability and soft expression has seen him work with a number of different projects well-known brands including, Christofle, Artemide and Sony Ericsson.

Karim Rashid has worked closely with Offect on the Soundwave collection, designing the Flo acoustic panels. "Through dimension, material, colour, code, pattern, texture, line, solid, plane composition I can manifest the digits of binary notation and sound waves to communicate a new itinerant form of super-functional decoration that is current and aesthetic with our new sensual world – let your world flo." Karim Rashid

Rashid has won the Red Dot award, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design award, I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review and IDSA Industrial Design Excellence award. 

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