Leonardo Rossano

Leonardo Rossano is an architect and designer from Italy. In the 1990s Rossano worked alongside Claudio Nardi designing for private residences, public settings and stores for established Italian designers such as  Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino. 

Since 1998, Leonardo Rossano has worked as a designer of furniture, furnishings, exhibitions and company visuals. His clientele includes Lapalma and True Design. He also worked as the art director of Clerprem - working on the seating and component designs for trains. 

Also, Leonardo was a teaching assistant to Professor Robert Segoni for 'Industrial Design', followed by becoming a lecturer in the Bachelor of Fashion Design in Florence up until 2009. Subjects he specialised in included, 'Theory and History of Industrial Design' and 'Furniture Design Product'. Currently, Rossano is a teacher at the Florence Institute of Design International, Furniture Design. 


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