Lisa Johansson-Pape

Finnish designer Lisa Johansson-Pape was born in 1907 and originally trained in furniture design. It was, she noted, "quite by accident that I became a design light artist. By education, I am a furniture designer, but I had to make lamps during the war. The light fixtures began to interest me to such an extent that I set aside furniture design." 

She established herself as one of Finland's foremost designers, working with the Stockmann-Orno and Iittala factories to produce a range of products which were specified for public spaces such as hospitals, churches and ships as well as domestic use.

Her designs are characterised by a particular focus on technical functionality and practical use. As she observed, “a lamp is not the actual purpose, but more like an instrument. It must fulfil its purpose as a provider of light, but at the same time it must also satisfy the aesthetic demands. A good light fixture must be simple and its structure and function must be both neat and correct."


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