Liset Van der Scheer

After graduating at the Design Academy, Eindhoven Liset Van der Scheer has been working as an industrial textile designer and colour expert. 

Liset Van der Scheer applies traditional materials in an innovative way or using new materials to the existing production process to create endless opportunities for new designs and processes. Her focus on colour has become an important factor in her design processes, through building designs that are textured and bring expression to the yarn. 

In recent years, she has specialised in carpet design using her years of experience as a yarn designer. Through the exploration of raw materials and newly designed yarn, Liset Van der Scheer has developed an array of textiles. She has worked closely with Casalis to develop the Bonnet collection. 

Van der Scheer says 'The importance of designing to me, lies in marketing a product that adds to the identity that the consumer wishes to convey at a particular moment in time.'


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