Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo

Mariano Fortuny was born in Granada (Spain) on May 11th 1871, into a family of renowned artists. He moved to Paris, where he took painting lessons with Benjamin Constant and sculpture lessons in Rodin’s studio - revealing his artistic talent in the transalpine capital.

In 1889, he moved to Venice where he spent the rest of his artistic career. From a young age, Mariano was inspired by industrious creativity, encouraging his work in profile painting, engraving and sculpting - making his own colours, brushes dyes to create bespoke pieces. 

He designed and developed the ‘Fortuny cupola’, which transformed the lighting scene, in particular for stages and theatres. His revolutionary lighting creations, created indirect and soft lighting to theatre scenographic artistry. Fortuny continued his everlasting passion for fine arts and design until his death, which took him in his Venetian home on May 2, 1949.

The Fortuny light continues to be manufactured by Pallucco today. 


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