Lyngby Porcelain

Established in Denmark in 1936, Lyngby Porcelain stood in stark contrast to the highly decorative designs of the time. Focussing on form over ornamental detailing, Lyngby was inspired by the functional designs which emerged from the Bauhaus movement in Germany between 1919 and 1936.

The elegantly minimal designs had a very distinctive and modern aesthetic, which gradually garnered interest, in particular during the 1950s where this style had become more sought after and popular.

Upon closing in 1969, Lyngby had established itself as a key part of Danish design history. The pieces manufactured at the Danish factory combined traditional craftsmanship with advanced production techniques, resulting in timeless, unique and distinctive designs still relevant to how we live today.

Lyngby Porcelain reopened in 2012, reproducing its iconic designs with a keen focus on retaining the integrity of the innovative production processes of its predecessor. Together with re-releasing the classic designs such as the Lyngby Vase and Bonbonniere, Lyngby Porcelain now also produce new designs.


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