Rachel Scott | Online Exhibition

twentytwentyone are delighted to welcome Rachel Scott to their repertoire of highly skilled designers. 

Discover Rachels process of transforming raw materials into striking, textural pieces of art at the viewing room.


Rachel Scott | Online Exhibition

twentytwentyone aim to offer diversity in design; by functionality, materials, process and price. Our focus on the best in the design discipline provides a common thread and guides our energies towards working with exceptional people and companies.

We are privileged to offer the work of Rachel Scott, whose dedication to her craft sets a unique benchmark in workmanship and design.

Rachel Scott takes her raw material and almost by alchemy, transforms this natural resource to create work that functions as a hardwearing floor covering or as outstanding works of art for the wall. The fleece she carefully selects from longstanding partners remains entirely honest, taken from British sheep, undyed or treated, and hand-worked to provide the essence of her work. 

We recently had the privilege of joining Rachel in her London studio and invite you to join our conversation, exploring the working processes behind her beautifully hand-woven rugs in our latest online viewing room, accompanied by a short film.

Enter the Viewing Room.

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