Aaron Probyn

Embracing enduring appeal over passing trends, British industrial designer Aaron Probyn perceives design as deeply ingrained in human nature. His design philosophy, characterised by a sense of restraint, is rooted in a hands-on approach that involves experimenting with materials and discovering innovative processes.

An advocate for greater accessibility to good design and quality, Probyn laments the bygone era when people invested in possessions destined to be cherished for a lifetime. In response, Probyn ensures that his products have a timeless essence and are crafted with care for the planet, producing them in limited quantities to minimise waste.

Throughout his illustrious career, Probyn has collaborated with esteemed brands like Habitat, Conran, and Tom Dixon, earning accolades for his creations and nurturing lasting connections in the industry. Years of experience have fostered strong partnerships with artisans and manufacturers who play a vital role in bringing Probyn's vision to life.

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