Wedding Wishlist

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Wedding Wishlist

A wedding or gift list at twentytwentyone will provide exceptional and enduring designs to last a lifetime.

Our wedding list service is designed so that family and friends can purchase specific items the couple have chosen or collectively contribute towards larger purchases. Simply create a list which can be managed online or with our experienced online team.

To create your wedding list

1. Create or log in to your account and go to Wishlist at the top of the page.

2. Create a new wishlist (give it both your full names + 'Wedding list').

3. Click Edit Details and then Edit at the top right-hand side of the page. Enter all the relevant details on the Edit page: tick the box ‘Wedding list’, provide a notification email address and your postal address. Set the expiration date with tolerance for any late contributions.

4. Browse the website and add the products (you can also add gift vouchers to allow some personal selection) and quantities to your ‘Wishlist’.

5. Once complete you can share the link to your wedding list to your guests by clicking ‘email’.

6. Please forward the link to orders@twentytwentyone and include the date of your wedding and the date that you would like your list to close.

Your guests can purchase online using the link you have given them. They may also contact us directly on 0207 837 1900 or if they prefer to contribute over the phone.

We will contact you by email regarding any items which are made-to-order before placing an order with the supplier to make sure that all finishes, sizes, etc, are correct. Once the list is closed, we will contact you to review and collate your gifts. This allows for changes to be made or for the pledging of additional money to complete sets, for example.

We will deliver the goods to you as soon as possible, but please note that manufacturers delivery times should be taken into consideration. Once the final order is placed we generally cannot accept any further changes.

Please note that sometimes gift list items can go out of stock or be discontinued by the manufacturer. We will let you know immediately should this happen so that a replacement item can be added in its place.

Please contact our web team on 0207 837 1900 or when setting up your list so that we can help you and discuss your requirements.

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