String shelving system – enduring design and simplicity

Today String can be found in offices, studios and homes worldwide. The enduring design and simplicity of String has been carefully considered and allows for an extensive range of arrangements.

String shelving system – enduring design and simplicity

Swedish architect Nils Strinning designed String in 1949. The design for a versatile and flexible, yet minimalist shelving system earned him a reputation as one of the leading exponents of modern Scandinavian design. There are many variations inspired by the system conceived by Strinning.


The bays can be configured in two widths (60 and 80cm). The height is flexible according to floor-standing or wall-mounted panels and shelves and cabinets can be hung at any height within the panels. The components are available in a range of colours and materials. One can simply add to their system or dismantle and reconfigure as needs change.

Components include a range of shelves, cabinets, work desk and folding tables. Ideal where space is limited to the multifunctional and adaptable aspects of the String system mean that even small areas can be utilised. String functions well in any room of the house from the office or hallway to bedrooms and bathrooms.

Perfect for kitchens, folding tables become work-surfaces. Non-perishable foods and dinnerware can be stored in either closed cabinets with sliding glass or wood doors, or on open shelving.

And if you simply need some compact shelves String also comes as String Pocket, the smallest version of String. A kit which consists of two side panels and three shelves. If space allows String Pocket works equally well in pairs or threes. Available in a wide range of colours and wood finishes, and even a striking glossy copper.

String offers an online configurator to help you plan your shelving system, alternatively, you can email for further information.

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