La Lampe Gras – the perfect harmony of function and design

The Lampe Gras has an exceptional place in the history of the lamp.

La Lampe Gras – the perfect harmony of function and design

Originally designed and manufactured in 1921, the Lampe Gras pioneered a new type of lighting which was designed to meet the needs of both the industrial and expanding service sector.

Its creator Bernard-Albin Gras rejected ornament and instead gave the Lampe Gras a simple, robust and ergonomic design.

The functional aesthetic of the design was truly original and the lamps were designed so that they were adaptable to each user’s needs. This contributed to the lamp’s instant success. Furthermore, Le Corbusier was impressed by the Lampe Gras’ modern design and user-friendliness. He endorsed the light by using it in both his office and architectural works.

There are hardly any lamps that had been in continuous production, without any major modifications, for over 50 years. The Lampe Gras did disappear from the market for a few decades, however, it was rediscovered in the 1980s by a new generation of designers and architects. In 2005 the lamp was given an ultimate endorsement when it entered the collection of the design department at the Centre Pompidou. Today this classic and iconic light has become a collector’s item across the world.

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