Vico Magistretti

Vico Magistretti (1920 - 2006) was a furniture and lighting designer whose roots in minimalist architecture and fondness for an Anglo-Saxon tradition free from excess made him an early proponent of so-called Italian Design.

Magistretti was born in Milan in 1920, where he graduated with an architecture degree from the Politecnico di Milano. Following his education, his work was chiefly focused in the fields of architecture, town planning and industrial design. The first recognition of his work came in 1948 when he won the Gran Premio at the 8th Triennale. This accomplishment was followed by close to forty years of work, during which Magistretti’s designs received international recognition.

Magistretti served as a professor for various schools of design around the world. In London, a city to which he is particularly fond of, he was named an “Honorary Fellow” at the Royal College of Art in 1983.

Magistretti’s research has delved into the culture of the project at hand through innovative experimentation with materials and space solutions while incorporating shapes and functions unique for there time. This has enabled his designs to stand as lasting pieces for generations. The Maralunga sofa of 1973 and the Nuvola Rossa, 1977, bookcase, which remain international best-sellers.

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