Social Togetherness: Erica Toogood

As part of our Social Togetherness series, we talk to East London designer Erica Toogood, co-founder of the clothing label TOOGOOD about balancing work and home life during lockdown.

Social Togetherness: Erica Toogood

Where’s home for you?

Victoria Park, East London

What are the highlights of your home-working day?

Being around my family. My husband and I met at Toogood – our relationship was built on working together – so it’s incredibly natural to be around each other.

Where some couples may feel suffocated, we feel the most creative when in each other’s presence. Also in order to look after our 2-year-old, we take the day in shifts – so hearing my son happily eating in the next room chatting away to his dad is probably the best feeling ever.

What creative pursuits are you doing now that you ordinarily wouldn’t manage if the world were at its normal pace?

I’m trying to read more, think more and generally be more focused. I’m also trying to see the days and weeks in a different light – timings/schedule/moments of creativity – as much as we need a routine to get through our work – this all-encasing environment where work, family, life is in one pot I think will produce some very different thinking on the other side of COVID-19.

Are you learning a new skill, craft or hobby?

Not a chance with a 2-year-old!  (although my den building skills have got to an advanced stage)

What positive change might come from Covid-19 for you, or your wider community, or the world at large?

Like most, I will certainly embrace this moment – it has forced us to have less, consider more calmness, a reduced approach and a more intimate one. Constraints often provide the most creative moments.

Any books, music or podcasts you would recommend? 

I’m currently reading J.B Blunk by Blunk Books / Mariah Nielson – a truly beautiful comprehensive publication dedicated to her father’s work (1962-2002) –  wood, stone, clay, painting, jewellery – Blunk embodied the true meaning of Gesamtkunstwerk.

Also waiting for my next edition of Cloakroom Magazine and Plant Magazine to come through the post…

Many thanks to Erica for taking the time to talk to us. You can find Erica on Instagram as well as staying up-to-date with the House of Toogood

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