Anni & Bent Knudsen

Since 1952 the Danish artist- and silversmith couple Anni and Bent Knudsen have delighted children and adults all over the world with their award-winning paper cuts and mobiles.

In 1987 Anni & Bent Knudsen received a design award. The jury’s motivation was that Bent Knudsen’s importance to the craft of paper cuts and mobiles was to be compared to Hans Christian Andersen’s importance to the fairytales.

The royal family has through the years paid Anni & Bent Knudsen several visits and shown a great interest in the products.

In 2008 Anni & Bent Knudsen sold the paper cut and mobile activities to Livingly. The Anni & Bent Knudsen Collection™ is a reintroduction of a selection of these masterpieces.

The company found great sympathy for the old paper cuts and mobiles and we are happy to present the classic designs to the world once again – now in a new refreshing packaging concept with a focus on the history behind the products.

Livingly continues Anni & Bent Knudsens old tradition of an annual season’s design, and Louise Helmersen has designed the new designs.

In the future Livingly will re-introduce more classics from Anni & Bent Knudsen.


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