Raimond Puts + OX-ID

Dutch mathematics professor Raimond Puts (1937 - 2012) was passionate about searching for solutions to practical problems. He approached every technical engineering challenge with the same patience and determination.

He trained in metalwork during his education and later became a machine designer.

His love for geometric shapes, engineering and metalwork all came together when the LED technology was born, in the form of the iconic Raimond pendant light.

The Raimond range of sphere, dome, Zafu and XL pendant lights demonstrate the perfect integration of functionality and beauty.

Raimond will always be remembered by Moooi as 'The man who brought the starry sky into our homes'.

Two years before his death, Raimond Puts won the best Woonproduct of 2010 Award (Sanoma Woon Awards) with the Raimond light.


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