Sarah Kaye Rodden

Sarah Kaye Rodden is a British artist and designer based in Brasted, Kent. Self-described as a "slow and obsessive looker", her practice involves observing, reworking and rearranging forms to generate new meaning.

The artist trained to draw under the guide of Royal Academy professor Saied Dai and later completed her studies in Fine Art at Newcastle University and in Interior Design at Chelsea College of Art.

At the University of Newcastle, she met the abstract sculptor Anthony Caro, who strongly influenced her practice. She was inspired by his quiet demeanour and intuitive approach to three-dimensional forms and began to explore 3D design more grandly and conceptually as a result.

Rodden has worked with several influential creatives, including Thomas Heatherwick and Ilse Crawford. The artist also worked as the Head of Concept Design for Faye Toogood from 2008- 2012.

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