Since 1979 the overriding values of Alias have been technological lightness, versatility, and innovation. These values have driven the Alias' close association with some renowned designer signatures. Alias has managed to reveal the particular talent of each designer through collaborations that have developed and grown through the years. Alias have an ongoing exchange of suggestions and ideas and a constantly open-minded approach to the use of new materials and technological experimentation.

Alias’ story began in 1979 with Giandomenico Belotti’s Spaghetti Chair, a chair characterised by its rounded PVC thread weave, which was one of Alias’ first creations to become part of the MoMA collection in New York. In 1996 Alias added further solutions for the home and office environments with SEC, a modular shelf system to create practically an endless amount of different compositions, designed by Alfredo Häberli.The new millennium opened with Flexus by Paolo Rizzato, a brand new form of upholstery, in which the holes in the back lighten our perception of its dimensions. Alias, today, creates new elements inspired by the everyday life and represented by timeless design, featuring designs by Jasper Morrison, Alberto & Francesco Meda, James Irvine, Jakob Timpe, Alfredo Häberli, and Pio Manzù.


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