Andreu World

Andreu World has its origins in a small, family-run woodworking company based in Alaquàs in Spain. In 1956, under the direction of founder Francisco Andreu Marti, the workshop began to focus exclusively on the manufacture of bentwood parts and the assembly and finishing of chairs, and over the decades the company has evolved into an international leader in the design and production of furniture.

From the 1950s onwards Andreu World's designs have been characterised by a simplicity of line and profound respect for the natural qualities and potential of materials. Collaborations with designers such as Josep Llusca, Alberto Lievore, Jorge Pensi, Nancy Robbins, Pedro Miralles, Quod, Bernal and Isern and Ximo Roco have generated a diverse range of products that reflect the company's passion for design, craftsmanship and innovation - including the Smile family of stacking chairs, recipient of a Wallpaper Design Award for best dining chair in 2008. 

Andreu World is committed to responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices. It sources 100% of its wood from forests managed in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner and has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for over a decade.


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