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Another Country makes contemporary craft furniture and accessories. Their designs are archetypal, calling on the familiar and unpretentious forms of British country-kitchen style, Shaker, traditional Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork for inspiration. Re-interpreting the spirit and functionality of these forms of furniture for a modern customer, they make use of simple craft techniques and work in the most sustainable way possible. All of their wooden products are made from FSC certified solid woods in the UK and Europe.

The first collection, Series One, which includes Dining Table One and Bench One, was a clear and simple interpretation of the original intention in furniture manufacturing. Another Country took familiar forms of craft furniture and pared them back to their most basic elements using the most efficient workshop techniques and the best quality wood. Concerned with efficiency, each piece of furniture in Series One is made in a way that limits wasted material and time. Series One products have become something of archetypes themselves. They are the collection that Another Country has become most associated with and that they continue to add to and evolve.

The second collection, Series Two, remains true to the design values they introduced with our first series of solid wood furniture. These are similarly functional, timeless and versatile designs. However, the forms and the material palette for this series is very different: The clean-cut, angular forms of Series Two were inspired by the no-nonsense style of Japanese and Scandinavian furniture and the pale woods favoured in contemporary Belgian craft production. They only use the best quality, solid wood and for this collection employing a winning combination of ash and walnut. Brass is an additional accent, adding decoration as well as structural support. A construction method, of their invention, means most pieces in the collection are flat-pack and therefore efficient to transport. twentytwentyone is an official stockist of Another Country and is pleased to offer their collection of contemporary craft furniture.

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