Holmegaard Glasværk

Holmegaard Glasværk's rich history dates back to 1823 when Count Christian Danneskiold-Samsøe had applied to build a glasswork in the Holmegaard marsh for the Danish King, but he passed away the same year. Consequently, his wife, Countess Henriette, took over the project and founded Holmegaard Glasværk two years later. Holmegaard is now considered a Danish design icon, and the Countess is acknowledged as one of Denmark's earliest female business leaders.

Up until 1831, Holmegaard only manufactured green bottles. However, the Countess desired to do more and thus expanded the production to include household glass. Over time, the company also diversified into artificial and industrial glass.

Holmegaard utilises both mouth-blown and machine-blown glass production techniques, which are advanced and up-to-date. The mouth-blown glass pieces are handmade by skilled glassblowers, ensuring each piece is unique and carefully crafted with the right amount of air through a narrow pipe. Holmegaard's mouth-blown glass is easily recognisable by its iconic swan logo.
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