Lo Studio

The LO story began in a cottage in Nottingham. After 18 years of learning, maturing and growing, LO Studio was born. 

The candles have moved beyond the kitchen as the products have become more and more refined, although the artisanal approach to creating the candles remains. 

Each of the nine candle scents from the LO studio range tells a different story based on memories over the 18 years in which they were conceptualised. These stories come to life by burning the scents which inspired them. 

LO Studio focuses on integrity and sustainability. The candles are made from 100% natural non-GM vegetable wax which is fully sustainable, fully traceable, and fully replenishable. These are vegan candles (no animal fats or beeswax used), and no animal testing was used to create these products. The materials used are recyclable.   

No herbicides, pesticides, parabens, bleaches, dyes, palm oil, fragrance enhancing chemicals, glues, binders, lead, tin or single-use plastic is used in any of the candles. 


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