Founded by Antti Hirvonen and Miklu Silvanto, the company launched in early 2021 with the objective to create enduring, honest objects produced in Finland with locally sourced materials. Combining craft with technology, Vaarnii presents a brutal yet sophisticated aesthetic; each design pared back to its functionality and construction. The name Vaarnii is an amalgamation of the Finnish words, 'Vaarna' meaning dowel and 'Saarni' meaning Ash tree, embodying Vaarnii's philosophy that their strength comes from the combination of craftsmanship and material.

Vaarnii's debut collection is made almost exclusively in Finnish pine, which will continue as their product range expands. Pine is a soft wood that will beautifully age over time, the pale colour gradually maturing to a honey-toned hue, each piece adapting to its surroundings to take on its own unique character.

Vaarnii has collaborated with a series of international creatives, ranging from renowned industrial designers and artists to emerging talent, the impressive repertoire including Fredrik Paulsen, Max Lamb, Industrial Facility, Philippe Malouin and Soft Baroque. Each product strives to authentically embody both designer and the natural properties of the material.

Vaarnii is exclusively represented by twentytwentyone in the UK. For more information, please contact, or for trade enquiries.

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Children's chairs + Stools

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