Bruno Mathsson

Bruno Mathsson was an innovative furniture designer who revolutionised the industry with his unique approach to design. Born in 1907 to a fourth-generation master cabinet maker, Mathsson inherited the skills and passion for the craft at an early age, which he continued to develop throughout his career.

In 1930, his exceptional talent was recognised when he won a prestigious scholarship for his traditional baroque-style chair, displayed at an Arts and Crafts exhibition in Värnamo. The scholarship allowed him to attend the Stockholm exhibition, where he gained invaluable insights into the Swedish functionalist movement. This experience, coupled with his studies of the materials borrowed from Röhsska Arts and Crafts Museum, helped him discover and cultivate his distinctive design language.

In 1948-1949, Bruno Mathsson and his wife Karin travelled to the United States, where they met several architects and found inspiration for their own work. They ventured into creating glasshouses using Bruno's innovative patented " Brunopane " design. However, bureaucratic challenges halted the construction of these houses in 1960. Bruno focused on creating unique furniture instead of exploring different materials and designs and producing a wide range of furniture in both wood and steel.

Mathsson's furniture gained international recognition in 1969 when it was first exhibited in Japan. In 1976, he created a furniture collection specifically tailored to the Japanese market, and soon after, licensed manufacturing began.

Throughout his lifetime, Bruno Mathsson received various awards, such as the Gregor Paulssons-statuette in 1955, the Prince Eugens gold medal in 1965, and the Knight of the Royal Swedish Order of the Wasa in 1967. Mathsson's legacy lives on through his beautiful and functional furniture, which inspires people worldwide.


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