Melin Tregwynt

Melin Tregwynt is a woollen mill nestled within a secluded forested valley along the captivating Pembrokeshire coastline.

For centuries, this very site has hosted a mill, dating back to the 17th century, where local farmers would bring their fleeces to be expertly spun into yarn and woven into robust Welsh wool blankets.

Enduring through wars, economic downturns, and the relentless march of time, the looms have maintained their enchanting craft. The fabrics crafted at Melin Tregwynt epitomize simplicity, embodying supreme quality, and showcasing designs that transcend eras.

The mill has earned a distinguished reputation for its exceptional Welsh woollen blankets, throws, and cushions, all bearing the hallmark of Welsh craftsmanship. Additionally, they offer an array of upholstered items, elegantly simple clothing, accessories, and bags — all fashioned from their unique and signature Melin Tregwynt fabrics.


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