New calendars for the new year

2017 is merely months away, but twentytwentyone’s collection of calendars will stand you in good stead for the new year. 

New calendars for the new year

Our selection ranges from contemporary designs such as Maddison Graphic’s 2017 year planner to calendars which have achieved the status of genuine design icons – such as Massimo Vignelli’s Stendig calendar.

Designed in 1966, Stendig’s simple and timeless design has been a firm favourite with the design-conscious for more than half a century and is the only calendar in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Once removed from the calendar, Stendig’s monthly pages with their alternating black and white Helvetica font can be used as wrapping paper – many people find them simply too good to throw away.

Enzo Mari’s Timor desk calendar is another design classic, designed in 1967 and originally inspired by Italian railway signage. Standing on a base pressed from a single piece of plastic, a series of cards indicating the month, day and date can be rotated to represent the correct date.

Equally iconic in their own way are two other perpetual calendars stocked by twentytwentyone. In contrast to his year-specific Stendig, Massimo Vignelli’s Max 365 is a perpetual calendar consisting of a single date printed on a succession of heavy-duty card sheets.

Jean Pierre Vitrac’s Imbroglio calendar (available in wall and desk versions) consists of a powder-coated steel panel with a magnetic cursor that can be moved to indicate the correct date.

However, if you prefer your year to be more precisely mapped out, Blokhope’s 2017 calendar offers a traditional month-to-a-page format sharply printed in fluoro red ink.

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