Social Togetherness: Jacob Plejdrup

Jacob Plejdrup, the founder of furniture manufacturer DK3, discusses his experience of lockdown and home-working in Denmark as part of our Social Togetherness series.

Social Togetherness: Jacob Plejdrup

Wheres home for you?

Home is Denmark for me. A small safe country, where we trust in each other and where we take care of each other. Especially in these times of the Covid-19 it really shows… 

What are the highlights of your home-working day? 

Taking a phone-call and speaking from the terrace in the sun!

What creative pursuits are you doing now that you ordinarily wouldn’t manage if the world were at its normal pace?

Spending more time – more relaxed time - in nature – which is the most inspiring thing for me!

What positive change might come from Covid-19 for you, or your wider community, or the world at large?

That we are to think differently – that we not only know, but feel, that change is inevitable. We must become less people on the planet. Consume less – thoughtful - sustainable. Travel less and appreciate/enjoy what you already have.

Any interesting projects, exhibitions or launches for later this year that you can share?

Our international to-date most successful dining table Ten Table, will be launched in a round extendable version this Summer.

Please send us a photo from home of something you find inspiring

The south-side of our garden and house. The west-wind is stopped by the huge trees in the background. its my favourite spot in our private “park” for some sun, peace – and reflection

Many thanks to Jacob for taking the time to speak to us.

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