Rop van Mierlo

Originally from Holland, Rop van Mierlo is a designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam who is deeply fascinated by humanity's attempts to control nature. During his time at Eindhoven's Design Academy in 2008, he discovered his now signature wet-on-wet painting technique. This mesmerising process involves watercolours flowing freely over wet boards, resulting in blurred lines and blended colours that create captivating and enigmatic artwork.

Motivated by a strong desire to liberate captive creatures, van Mierlo's drawings serve as a sanctuary for untamed spirits roaming freely on the canvas. Although his artistic journey typically begins with drawing or painting, his curiosity knows no bounds as he explores animation, textiles, and publishing to bring his visions to life through various media.

His talent and creative vision have led to collaborations with prominent names in fashion, culture, and music, including Moncler, Hermès, and Harvey Nichols.
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