Butterfield Brothers

Tom and Will Butterfield, siblings hailing from London, established their design studio in 2020, showcasing their collective talents across various disciplines.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of originality and excitement, they explore novel approaches to problem-solving, uncompromisingly favouring simplicity over complexity. They believe in the intrinsic value of materials and apply this value to each creation.

They are recognised for their acclaimed lockdown project, named 19 Chairs, in which the brothers embarked on the ambitious task of crafting nineteen chairs, meticulously assembling them with wooden screws and timber, in nineteen days. These bespoke chairs then found their way into the hands of renowned artisans such as Tom Dixon, Es Devlin, and Max Siedentopf, who added their distinctive artistic flair to the pieces. Subsequently, the chairs were auctioned off to raise funds in support of Age UK, forming the foundation for the broader 19 Outdoors furniture collection.
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Lounge Chairs

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