Enric Sòria + Jordi Garcés

Jordi Garcés and Enric Sòria crossed paths at Oriol Bohigas' studio, where they laid the foundation of rationalism in Spain and collaborated on numerous civic projects for Barcelona. Among their notable works are the Vall d’Hebrón Sports Centre project (1991), which earned them the prestigious FAD Architecture Award, and the Rubió i Balaguer Agora at Pompeu Fabra University. In 2010, they completed the extension of the Picasso Museum, showcasing their most recent accomplishment. Additionally, Jordi Garcés imparted his knowledge at esteemed institutions in Barcelona, such as ETSAB and EINA, as well as internationally.

Enric Sòria, a prominent member of Oriol Bohigas' studio, spearheaded the transformation of the Born market into a cultural centre in 2014. Enric Sòria also made valuable contributions to education, imparting his knowledge and expertise at esteemed institutions in Barcelona, including ETSAB and ELISAVA.

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