Fritz Haller + Paul Schaerer

Fritz Haller, born in Switzerland in 1924, started his career in the early 1940s by undertaking an apprenticeship as an architect. Subsequently, he joined an architectural firm in Rotterdam before ultimately deciding to work alongside his father in his private office located in Soleure. In 1961, Haller took on the task of designing the new buildings for the USM company in Müsingen. Two years later, in collaboration with Paul Schärer, the grandson of the USM founder and the company's new manager, he introduced the revolutionary USM Haller system.

Renowned for their creation of diverse storage systems for the USM Company in 1963, Haller and Schärer garnered swift recognition, particularly from esteemed managers of the Rothschild Bank who embraced their distinctive furniture. Since 2001, the USM Haller has been showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Crafted from chrome-plated steel tubing, featuring amorphous-metal or glass coating, and assembled using a simple screwing technique, this exceptional modular system has swiftly achieved iconic status.

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