Lambl Homburger + Meyer

Lambl / Homburger is a design consultancy based in Berlin. The company focuses on art direction, communication and product design. 

Florian Lambl started his career in design after studying communication and product design in Bolzano, northern Italy. In 2004, he founded his own office studio in Cologne and was the art director at Meiré and Meiré and assistant of Mike Meiré. 

Birgitta Homburger majored in art history and communication design and also worked as the art director for advertising agency BBDO, and together with Florian Lambl founded Lambl Homburger. 


Together they collaborate and work together of numerous projects and client work globally. With their network of international architects, designers, photographers, artists and editors the consultancy has worked on a number of corporate projects. The range of expertise that Lambl Homburger possesses allows the team to be flexible and work on bespoke solutions for client projects.  Lambl Homburger has seen many successes over the years, winning over 50 national and international awards and prizes. 

Lambl Homburger works closely with Mattiazzi and created the sleek Facile collection of benches and tables. They currently manage the communications and art direction of Mattiazzi, developing new and innovative brand initiatives.

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