Lina Rickardson

The textile company Pappelina, was founded by Lisa Rickardsson, who was inspired to update the 70s idea of making rugs from the plastic ribbon. Using the highest quality materials and a new tying technique, Rickardsson launched her densely woven and immensely practical plastic rugs in Stockholm in 2000, and they were to be an immediate success. Pappelina creates simple, functional and enduring designs of high quality. 

Pappelina rugs are made in Sweden plastic foil PVC ribbon. This PVC ribbon is made of new raw plastic, ensuring that no hazardous heavy metals or harmful chemicals are used. Each rug is composed of 90% plastic foil ribbon and 10% polyester warp thread. The two are woven together at Pappelina's factory using traditional looms from the 1950s.

The materials used and the density of the weave ensure that Pappelina rugs are highly durable, require minimal care and retain their colours.


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