Lluís Porqueras

 Lluís Porqueras was born in Lleida, Spain in 1930. The designer started as an architect, working locally on peoples homes, although in 1956 he established his own design studio, called Stoa. He then went on to found Vapor in 1979, with Jaume Vaquero. 

Looking back on his career he stated, “Thinking about it, I have always believed that the light in a room must also go with shadow, that there should be contrasts with the points of light. This is what creates well-being, calm; your home must be a refuge from the aggressive outdoors in the city. Lights are lit for several hours a day, and the rest of the time they must maintain a certain discretion so that they do not bother you when they are off, and only become noticeable when they are on… like glow worms. Fashion does not interest me, and I have never made fashionable lights because they soon go out of fashion. I have always made lamps I liked.”

His work is now produced by Marset.


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