Matteo Thun + Partners

Matteo Thun is the founder of Matteo Thun + Partners, an architecture and designed studio based in Milan, Italy. Antonio Rodriguez has been a partner to Matteo since 2003, designing high-quality and iconic shaped products for clients worldwide. The studio creates timeless pieces, which adopt simplicity and versatility. The studio has been collaborating with many manufacturers and projects to create pieces within different industries including hospitality and residential sectors. 

Matteo + Partners includes a team of over 70 designers, architects and graphic designers to generate products for both small and large complex projects. Their work focusses on durability and aesthetic, whilst encompassing technology to increase the life span of products and buildings. Focusing mostly on hospitality, in particular hotels, Matteo Thun + Partners have produced custom lighting solution and interior products to make the best environment for its clients and residents. 

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