Mogens Lassen

Mogens Lassen is one of the most influential Danish architects, known for his characteristic architecture. Mogens Lassen was inspired by the German design school Bauhaus, and its geometric shapes often occur in his iconic designs.

Mogens Lassen began his career through an architecture apprenticeship, where he built relationships with renowned designers Ole Wanscher, Arne Jacobsen and Hans Bretton-Meyer. Mogens Lassen joined the established studio of architect Tyge Hvass, and here he became a highly respected member.


Mogens Lassen opened his own studio in Denmark and was part of the movement that promoted Danish design and made Danish craftsmanship internationally renowned. ’Den Permanente’ was one of his most successful exhibits. 

Mogens Lassen was honoured with a number of awards and medals, including the C.F. Hansen Medal, Denmark’s highest architectural honour. He was a key influencer of Functionalism in Denmark, bringing cultural and international establishment of Danish and Scandinavian design.

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