Mombach + Maurer

Dagmar Mombach and Ingo Maurer worked together to create the MaMo Nouchies collection for Ingo Maurer. 

With the MaMo Nouchies, Ingo Maurer explored his passion for paper and Japanese art. In combination with an interest in materials, Dagmar Mombach developed his own technique for transforming paper. Mombach took inspiration from Isamu Noguchi, who was an expert in traditional Japanese craft, known as Akari. Mombach's uses traditional Japanese hand skills and work to manipulate sheets of paper though pulling and folding to create shape, form and a desired effect. 

The name of the collection was a combination of the first of Maurer's and Mombach's last names, and Nouchies comes from Noguchi. The names of the individual lamps within the series are from ancient tribal spirits from around the world. 

The Gaku table light is exhibited in The Museum of Modern Art, in New York.
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