Paulo Mendes da Rocha

Paulo Mendes da Rocha is a Brazillian architect designer. He is known for his humanistic approach to modernist design. His work is highly influenced by senior Brazillian architects Oscar Niemeyer and Affonso Eduardo Reidy, creating artistic imaginative work. He was a member of the “Paulist brutalist” avant-garde, creating classic designs, which adopt simplicity and elegance. 

Paulo Mendes da Rocha graduated in architecture in 1954 at the University of Mackenzie, São Paulo. In 1957, he has presented a project with the Athletic Club of São Paulo where he designed and created the simple Paulistano armchair - composed of a single piece of steel tubing and seat cover. Initially created as a limited series, it was adopted by Objekto to be introduced to a wider audience and accessible to all and features in the MoMA design collection. 

In 2006, Mendes da Rocha received the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The judges recognised his “deep understanding of the poetics of space” and an “architecture of profound social engagement.”


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