Raffaele Celentano

Born in Sorrento, Italy, Raffaele Celentano was a photographer and graduated in Literature and Philosophy in Naples. 

At the beginning of his career, Celentano was a teacher in Italian Linguistics. He continued photography as a hobby, however after entering for a photo content he won and began his career focused in design and photography. 

He was particularly interested in taking photographs in Asia, which saw his work published in renowned international magazines. In 1988, he joined the photojournalism team at Laif, where he saw success at the agency. His work has been included in an array of magazines including, Italian Vogue, ADAC Magazine and Geo France. Raffaele works is black and white and he uses a 35mm camera. Since 2004, Raffaele presents photography workshops in Italy where he demonstrates his expertise and methods. In 2006, his gallery opened in Munich. 

Raffaele Celentano collaborated with the manufacturer Ingo Maurer, designing the Campari Light - showing his expertise in product-design and experimentation. 

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