Ric Bell

Ric Bell studied Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University and is a director of London-based graphic design agency POST, founded in 2013.

He is the designer of DodeCal, a wooden calendar in the form of a twelve-sided wooden solid laser-engraved with the months, days and dates of 2017. 

"The most common dodecahedron is a platonic solid which is a convex polyhedron with congruent regular faces. However this has a hexagonal appearance and didn’t really look aesthetically pleasing as a calendar. However, there is another type of dodecahedron which is Rhombic in nature which is the one used for DodeCal. The sides of this polyhedron are rhombus shaped, or ‘leaning rectangles’ as one person described them. To me this was a much more satisfying shape to use as a calendar. When the typography was applied to the faces I slightly angled it in either direction as if it was mimicking the angle of the rhombus shape. This synergy between the typography and the shape of the face is what makes DodeCal read well no matter what month you are viewing."

Ric Bell


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