Richard Woods + Sebastian Wrong

Designer Sebastian Wrong first joined forces with artist Richard Woods as part of the Established & Sons’ program of ‘Collaborations’, in which individuals from two different creative fields were invited to apply their skills to a single design.

Woods artistic work revolves around brightly coloured and repetitive motifs, often abstractions of domestic pattern, which are applied to multiple surfaces in a variety of contexts. His woodblock print is a signature motif. 

Working in collaboration with Wrong, Woods' magnified and pop-art hued wood print has been applied to a series of utilitarian furniture pieces which suggest a nostalgic interpretation of mid-century domestic interiors. 

"This aesthetic," Sebastian Wrong observes, "puts the idea of ‘DIY’ back into design and adds decoration with a twist."

Richard Woods notes: "The utilitarian feel of the furniture that we have made is somewhat at odds with the cartoon graphic surface that covers it, and I feel this marriage illustrates perfectly the success of the collaborative process. This is a new body of work that is both playful as well as being respectful to its aesthetic origins."


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