Stine H. Andersen

Stine Hedelund Andersen feels in step with the world and rooted in the Danish craft traditions from the 1950-60s, where she is drawn in particular to the functional furniture. The same basic concerns with everyday functionality play a key role in her creative work at her studio in Aarhus.

Stine Hedelund Andersen was born in Skanderborg and graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture. Her favourite material is wood, and she loves the vibrant natural variation which means no two pieces of wood are the same. She also likes the poetic notion that when we use wood as a material we are inviting nature into our lives. Stine Hedelund Andersen’s favourite spot is the sea – from the roaring North Sea to calm moments at Risskov Beach by Aarhus. At the seaside, time stands still, and the spirit of the place encourages quiet reflection.


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