Founded in 2000 by Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama, Studiomama draws on the creative duo's diverse backgrounds and skills to work coherently across multiple disciplines. The East London-based design studio has an exploratory and playful portfolio encompassing architecture, interior design, jewellery, exhibition design, curation, products and furniture.

Born into a Greek-Cypriot family in the East End of London, Jack Mama experienced a multicultural and cosmopolitan upbringing. He earned his degree at the Royal College of Art, later moving to the Netherlands and Sweden to work as the creative director for various global brands.

Nina has Scandinavian roots, which play an essential role in her work. She trained at the ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris and has a unique approach to design due to her diverse experience in trends, design management, photojournalism and marketing in Paris, London, and Copenhagen.

Studiomama's wide-ranging portfolio includes product and architecture projects for E & Y, Lexon, BMW, Bloomberg, the Danish Embassy, Wallpaper*Handmade, the National Trust and the Serpentine Galleries.
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