Welling / Ludvik

Hee Welling and Gudmundur Ludvik met at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen and have since been sharing a studio. The pair founded Welling/Ludvik in 2010 with the aim to design sustainable products that are comfortable, made using sustainable, strong and longlasting materials with a solid construction, at an accessible price. Welling and Ludvik bring their designs to life using modern manufacturing processes. 

The designers aesthetic embodies the traditional Scandinavian design virtues, it is pure, stripped-back and irrelevant features are removed allowing each detail to serve a functional purpose. Utilising modern materials and manufacturing technology the duo manages to reinvigorate the style.

Hee Welling has a degree in furniture design from DDS. At the turn of the millennium Hee founded his own studio, which quickly became internationally renowned.

Gudmundur Ludvik has a background as a carpenter and a sculptor from The Icelandic Academy of Arts. He also holds a degree in furniture design from DDS.


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