In 2016, Jakob Burgsø, the founder and designer of Boyhood, made a significant career shift from being an independent graphic designer to establishing Boyhood. The essence of every Boyhood design revolves around joyful memories - whether they belong to the designer himself, his wife, or his children. Each Boyhood figurine is crafted to bring a smile to your face and evoke nostalgic reflections. 

Burgsø's early experiences in his father's workshop left a lasting impact on him. Spending quality time with his father and learning essential skills ignited a passion within the young Jakob. 

Returning to his hometown, Aarhus, Denmark, Burgsø attended open workshops at the Godsbanen creative space. Driven by a vision, he faced a challenge - he lacked knowledge of operating industrial power tools. Undeterred, Burgsø approached retired volunteers, individuals of his father's generation with expertise as industrial saw operators and furniture builders. Despite initial scepticism, Burgsø stood his ground and expressed his desire to build a balloon dog. Today, devoted Boyhood enthusiasts recognize this creation as the original Balloon D'Og.

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