Eiger Gallery is a designer jewellery brand that has commissioned the talent of leading designers to work outside their usual mediums to create evocative and progressive design-led contemporary earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants. All crafted using sterling silver, vermeil gold and gemstones.

Eiger launched with a debut jewellery collection from a broad range of design fields: Interior Design (Ben Kelly and Chiara Ferrari), Industrial Design and Sculpture (Sebastian Wrong), Jewellery Design (Hannah Martin), Graphic Design (Mike Dempsey) and Furniture, Lighting and Product Design (Tomoko Azumi, Michael Marriott and Terence Woodgate).

Eiger is design-directed by Terence Woodgate and Alba Bayona. The focus of the company comes from the directors' enthusiasm for inter-disciplinary collaboration and the breaking down of traditional boundaries within the design industry. Designers were drawn to Eiger’s refreshingly open brief to produce jewellery designs - as a creative collaboration and partnership of ideas between the designers and Eiger.


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