Traditionally, Eternit has been a material supplier to the construction industry, with their fibre-reinforced cement board, which historically included some design objects such as the Will Guhl, Loop Chair and planters. 

Eternit has been a great inspiration to the likes of Max Bill, Le Corbusier and Herzog & de Meuron.

While fibre cement panels were already used elsewhere in architecture, designer Will Guhl explored the material, discovering its unique malleability, as well as its strength and stability once fully dried. Guhl's first sketches have laid the foundations for today’s collections.

Eternit's fibre cement is almost entirely made from natural, raw materials; Portland cement from the Swiss mountains, cellulose fibres from plants, a minimal amount of synthetic reinforcement fibres and water. Thanks to sourcing the raw materials locally and the low energy manufacturing process, Eternit has ensured the material can be as environmentally friendly as possible. All Eternit products are guaranteed to be handmade in Switzerland.

The fibre cement works brilliantly as a material for planters thanks to its natural breathability and ability to regulate moisture. A firm favourite at twentytwentyone, the planters have been in use at out, River Street showroom for the past 20+ years.

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