Gandia Blasco

Gan-Rugs is a brand of Gandia Blasco, a design company currently headed by José Antonio Gandía-Blasco. José Antonio is a Spanish native who studied law at Valencia University previous to taking over the family business. Before his leadership the company manufactured blankets, however, José Antonio had the ambition of producing high-quality rugs and outdoor furniture. The company transformation was soon met with a warm reception upon the debut of the reversible carpet collection, which received the 1990 IMPIVA Award for Innovation.

Faced with building a summer residence in Ibiza, José Antonio began his pursuit of creating new outdoor furniture. With the assistance of architect Ramon Esteve, the pair developed the Na Xemena collection, which remains part of the Gandia-Blasco line.

Through the blending of traditional Mediterranean themes with the experimentation in unique materials and shapes the Gan-Rugs collection is now internationally recognized for its innovative design approach.


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