Pelegrims is a skincare brand founded by Alex Verier, former Director at Haeckels, and Jérôme Moisan, a former tech executive and Sommelier. They create low-intervention, active skincare formulas that work harmoniously with the skin to boost natural healing and the rejuvenation process.

Sustainability is a core value for Pelegrim. They have a collaborative partnership with Westwell Wines, a vineyard situated in Kent, and use waste products from the wine-making process and harness grape extracts in their products. Westwell's approach is centred on planting correctly, valuing the earth, and producing exceptional, unadulterated wines from exceptional fruit while limiting intervention throughout the process.

Pelegrims follows a philosophy of avoiding overproduction and creating only the necessary products while believing there is beauty in intention, care, imperfection, and irregularity.
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