New: NoEarlyBirds collection by Per Soderberg

The most immediately striking feature of the NoEarlyBirds collection is the distinctive tri-form leg that lends this family of contemporary furniture its air of architectural elegance.

New: NoEarlyBirds collection by Per Soderberg

The spare base structure of the NoEarlyBirds collection provides a dynamic counterpoint to the refined and palette of materials which make up the tables, benches, stools and cabinets of the NoEarlyBirds collection – cool marble, supple leather, mellow brass, sleek black or white laminate and warm oak.

NoEarlyBirds is designed by Per Soderberg, a Swedish designer who trained in Milan. The NoEarlyBirds range evolved when Söderberg needed a table for his office and decided to build one for himself instead of buying an off-the-shelf product.

This prototype subsequently inspired a range of complementary pieces of furniture which are exemplary of contemporary Scandinavian design: profoundly modern in sensibility but utterly timeless.

Despite its polished and luxurious air, ease of assembly and eco-friendly production have been key considerations in the design and manufacture of the collection, which is made in Sweden.

The circular metal fixing that secures the tri-form base to tabletops, bench surfaces and stool leathers is articulated as a positive design feature, available in finishes that blend with the table surface or stand out as a decorative element. But apart from their visual impact, these circular fixings have been designed to make the assembly process swift and simple, using the screw ring provided.

“Being both the designer and the producer,” says Per, “I have a unique perspective on how my design decisions affect the final product. I never feel that I have to compromise since every decision is made with a holistic approach. Having direct contact with the consumer has been very instructive and has given me a humble approach.”

Select pieces from the NoEarlyBirds range are currently on display in-store and are also available online.

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