Social Togetherness: Mikiya Kobayashi

Today, we are talking with Mikiya Kobayashi from his studio in Tokyo. We discuss the background to the Tate Otama ladle, future projects and a positive approach to these times of change.

Social Togetherness: Mikiya Kobayashi

What is the background to your design for the Tate Otama ladle? 

Every design project starts by looking at our daily life. That's because there are so many design tips in our daily lives that can trigger new interesting ideas.

As you may know, the living space in Tokyo are often very compact, and so are the kitchens. It was keeping this in mind that I came up with the idea of a ladle to stand up by itself and save space.


Do you use it at home?

Of course I do, we actually use it often at the studio too when we cook lunch all together.

Is there a simple recipe you can share that makes the best use of your design?

Recently, we have started our own YouTube channel. There you will find already a video where we introduce Tate Otama through a dessert recipe. I will be very happy if you could have a look at it.

See our journal for a link to fruit Panna cota

What new projects are you working on?

Among products, we are designing a wide range of typologies. One of them is a collection of wallpapers presented by Sangetsu, a Japanese building materials manufacturer. The concept was to cut out the beautiful moments hidden in everyday life and express them into the wallpapers.

You can find beauty even in elements that may seem negative at first glance if you are able to adapt your perspective. This also reflects our philosophy, since we create designs that fit our current lifestyle according to the perception of daily moments.

What positive gains do you see coming from these times of change?

By spending more time at home with my family, I almost felt like my life was starting again. I have come to think deeply about what I need to enrich and fulfil my everyday life, and as a designer, I want to create what we need in this very specific moment.

Many thanks to Mikiya Kobayashi for his observations and taking the time to talk to us.

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